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“The Conservation Districts of Massachusetts in an effort to strengthen the individual districts, chose to form a State Association to assist the individual districts with Regional and Statewide problems, sponsor legislation beneficial to all, provide forums and workshops for discussion and solution of mutual problems, and strengthen goals and policies of the districts by providing them with an opportunity to speak with one voice.”

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A conservation district is a subdivision of state government, established under state law to carry out programs for the conservation and wise management of soil, water and related resources.


There are 14 conservation districts in Massachusetts. Each district is governed by a board of supervisors – locally elected citizens who volunteer their time and leadership to the conservation effort.


Conservation district supervisors work directly with NRCS to deliver technical assistance to the people of Massachusetts. Each conservation district is a voice for the community, providing leadership on conservation issues and establishing priorities for conservation activities and programs.


The Bay State’s 14 districts collaborate as a statewide organization through the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Districts (MACD).


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Massachusetts Association of  Conservation Districts


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